Type two, Boom type, low (250mm) lift to medium (700mm) lift - (dependant on excavator).

A spinoff from the type 1 Excavator Forklift, a boom mounted attachment designed with the fork mast closer to the centre of the excavator, allowing heavier pallet loads or to use a smaller excavator to lift and carry pallets about the site, ideal for groundworks or paving, or other contractors who have materials delivered and off-loaded. They do not need the high lift but can use a mini excavator and EFL to distribute pallets about the site and not have an expensive forklift performing an occasional pallet lift and idle most of the day.

Attached or removed in 30 seconds. Uses the same attachment points as type 1. An approximate type 2 EFL fork SWL capacity is more than than half the mini excavator weight. No change in manufacturers pressure settings. EFL produces no higher forces than excavating. Can be used with or without the bucket attached.

T2L 251019

Type 2 load test 2662 kg on KX91 3.2 ton excavator
Type 2 KX41 (1.4 tons) lifting and carrying 900 kg
Lift and carry Lift and load
Type 2 on U27-4 carrying 1000kg