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With our ground-breaking lifting attachments, you can safely lift more, using the hydraulic power of  your mini-digger

Customer feedback

"The best investment in equipment I have made in 20 years in the business!"


"I am getting a lot of use out of it .... it is used every week ... "

"It has been great! Does exactly what it is meant to do."


"Really convenient - I can now lift  loads that my digger could not handle - definitely saving  me time and money"

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At  Excavator Forklift (EFL) we have designed and now manufacture a cost-effective range of lifting attachments that allows users of 0.8 -3 .5 tonne excavators to quickly and safely lift much more.


The attachment makes light work of handling common 1-1.5 tonne deliveries. 


Attachment and detachment are quick and easy, with limited modifications to the machine being required. 

The attachment works off the excavator hammer service, re-directing the hydraulic pressure of the digger to create a vertical lift by the attachment.

See design highlights in "Episode 3" of our Series.

Excavator weight determines lift capacity.


To give a sense of lifting capacity, our high lift (c. 2m lift) model, fitted to a 1 tonne digger can lift 1 tonne i.e. 100% of digger weight. 


Our low lift (20cm lift) model can lift 125% of the weight of the excavator to which it is attached (capped at 3 tonnes)


Our attachments fit to all major mini-digger brands including Volvo, Kubota, JCB and Bobcat.

Which 0.8-3.5 tonne machines work with an EFL?

We offer low (20cm fork height) and high (c.2 m) lift options. At 20cm, materials can be moved around site. c. 2.0 m allows lorry loading.

Load height and weight capacity

Designed to improve logistics on building or gardening projects, our attachments carry pallets or slung loads such as 1 tonne bags of stones, sand or aggregate. 

Load types

Use T-fitting to access digger hydraulics. 


No changes to hydraulic pressures are needed.

Replace boom / dipper pin with longer pin (supplied with attachment).

First fit - Minimal excavator modifications - no welding

Our attachments are perfect for building and groundworks contractors, landscape gardeners, farmers or other people involved in small heavy machinery.

Typical users

Our attachments are subject to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. We have carried out a rigorous testing programme to meet all requirements - International Standard - ISO 22915-15; Industrial Trucks, verification of stability.

CE marked

The EFL has 5 identified lifting points and is easy to transport. It can be towed attached to your excavator or horizontally. 

When not fitted to the excavator the attachment is free-standing on forks or rests on a strut (for jib set-up).

Attachment transport

Attachment and detachment are quick and can be easily done single handed.

Subsequent fits -  60 seconds
Save time on site


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Category winners of the Catalyst Invent compeittion for Innovation in Northern Ireland
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