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We offer 3 products: (1) Low Lift EFL, (2) High Lift EFL and (3) an EFL Jib.

The high and low lift EFL attachments comprise a frame which is attached via brackets to the excavator and  whose rams are powered using the hydraulic system of the digger to which the EFL is attached.


A jib can be fitted to the High Lift EFL attachment frame as alternative to forks. Due to the extra height the jib offers, it is very useful when suspending long loads or suspending bags from EFL attachments fitted to excavators smaller than 1.6 tonnes. We think the jib will be particularly useful for landscape gardeners.


All low and high lift attachments are supplied with standard lifting forks.


Standard tyres are 23 inch, 12 ply rated at 1215kg each. Foam filled tyres can be requested as an optional extra at the time of ordering.

Attachment brackets are used to connect the EFL to the excavator (bracket hooks over pin - see photo). Brackets specific to the digger for which the EFL has been ordered are included in the price quoted. 

bracket snip.JPG


Some users do not need to lift high.


Loading and unloading is already taken care of. The attachment is just for moving loads around a site.

With our low lift model in combination with your excavator you can get much more from the machine you already have.


Our lorry loading option is great for anyone with occasional heavy lifting needs who would like to load, unload or stack materials. 

A great way solution for efficient materials handling to make the most of your space on site or in your yard.




KX91 L&C 2000kg01 (1).jpg
1500kg 412 T3 101019.jpg


Our jib was originally designed to allow EFLs attached to machines less than 1.6 tonnes to lift suspended loads. Without the jib, suspension for loading and unloading was compromised by the max 1.6 m fork height.

As well as giving those smaller machines more height, the jib can work well with machines over 1.6 tonnes as an alternative to traditional spreaders.


Bag into pickup close up (1) (1).jpg


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