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The lifting capacity and maximum height of loads are dependent on excavator weight and the volume of hydraulic oil / pressure available.


Excavator weight and centre of gravity considerations impact ballast provided by the excavator, i.e. stability of the load.

The weight based load capacities summarized below will be confirmed when you supply the excavator model and when we confirm the that the hydraulic power available is in line with expectations.

When the high lift EFL is attached to excavators heavier than 1.6 tonnes, they have a standard load capacity shown below. For users seeking to maximize lifting capacity, a boosted system can  be offered.

Low lift attachment

Using a low lift attachment you can lift up to 1.25x  the weight of the digger to which it is attached capped at a maximum weight of 3 tonnes. The maximum fork height of low lift attachments is 20 cm.
Alternative lifting capacity table.JPG

Lifting capacity of our attachments

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