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Frequently asked Questions

Should all forklift users consider an EFL?

Not at all.


The EFL's purpose is to enhance the capabilities of small excavators. They can now begin to safely add value on lifting that is associated with building, landscape gardening or groundworks jobs.


An EFL on a mini-excavator can handle pallets in confined spaces. The EFL allows people to get much more from the excavator they own to save on manual labour or hiring in of larger lifting equipment.

The load capacities  exceed those of my excavator - is it safe?

The digger does not lift - it is the attachment that lifts.

The EFL's clever design uses core engineering principles to re-direct the hydraulic capacity of your digger into lifting.

As well as the hydraulic pressure, the excavator provides ballast and allows the attachment to be controlled.


How easy are the attachments to attach and use?

First time attachment takes about 2 hours. After that is a one minute job.


It is as easy to use as a grab or rock hammer. The dipper lever controls the tilt of the forks, and the hammer lever controls the fork height.

The manual has operator instructions and assumes operators have had excavator training.


We aim to delivery within 4-6 weeks for non-stock models.

Fitting does  not require any welding or power tools. It can be done by a competent handyman (no specialist training needed)


Contact us about delivery and fitting. 

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